The Help


Accountability Officer

Project Coordinator

Helps set your goals

Challenges status quo

Shares ideas & resources

Provides opportunities

Bi-weekly meetings

Ideal for growth goals

Breaks things in steps

Curtails excuses

Provides structure

Keeps things on track

Weekly meetings

Ideal for procrastinators

Creates an action plan

Organizes your tasks

Tracks the resources

Does the follow up

Meetings as needed

Ideal for busy people

The Way

Every situation is unique. We understand.  At Inspire-Connect, you get the help you need, when you need it. By encouraging you to choose the type of support, the length of the partnership and your level of involvement, you are empowered right from the start. As we continue to work together, our 4 step process ensures the development of positive habits and builds your independence. Our goal is not to keep you as a client, it’s to see you leave and refer your friends.

The Tools

The Stories


Empowering individuals to set and reach more personal goals.



We provide innovative, affordable, and customized support to individuals who have made a commitment to themselves to undertake a project, reach for a dream or cross an overwhelming task off their list. Through mentoring, accountability and project assistance, we encourage growth, promote positive habits and increase life satisfaction.





In Person